The Peppeorni Zone is the name of a sketch comedy collective started by Brian Levy in 2017. It's also the name of a domain that Brian bought in 2016 ( I'll start talking in first person now, this is weird. Anyway, I moved out to New York from Washington State in 2015. I did this because I had a big brain surgery in late 2014, right after I graduated college that kind of changed everything. Y'know? A brain surgery will do some stuff to you. Anyway, I needed a change so I moved out to New York where the rest of my life has happened! It's great!

I spent a lot of time in my first year trying to make new comedy friends and make a name for myself. It didn't seem to happen. I never felt terribly good around all the new people. Some were wonderful, but it just wasn't me. I didn't feel like me. I was trying stand-up at the time, which I think i was okay at for Olympia WA but i was absolutely not ready for New York. But I knew I was funny, so I moved into trying to do sketch. That was fun! Improv too! That was great! I had a really fun couple of years just ingrained in that community. I started making friends with people involved in The Chris Gethard Show, and that was wonderful. Big sense of community there. One person in particular, Emma Phipps, is still a very close friend and collaborator who you'll see in the videos on this here website.


I was living with Gabe Smith, who you'll also see in the videos here. I'd known Gabe since my first year in college in Washington. He and I were in Generation Friends, the comedy club at our school (The Evergreen State College) together and had remained friends after graduation. Hannah Boone who's ALSO in these videos here was a friend from college too who was living in NYC. We'd do stuff together sort of but nothing consistent. We were mostly just existing together, not making  stuff. 

I saw comedy collectives starting up and wanted them all to ask me to be in them. But I dont think any of these people knew me! Even the people I kind of knew, I don't think they had much of an idea of what I did as a creator because I was so inconsistent. So I started one myself! I asked Gabe Smith, Rome David, Hannah Boone and Emma Phipps to make stuff with me! So we did! We became The Pepperoni Zone and it went fantastically! We made some of my favorite stuff of all time together and continue to do so. We've done all sorts of shows, make videos a lot and generally just have a really nice time doing stuff and making stuff. 

Now though I'm trying to both take a step back and also expand the scope of this site. I'm getting a Master's in Library and Information Science and trying to become a librarian. I met my girlfriend who I'm a-gonna murry pretty soon. I have a fulltime job at the library. And I also realized I've been doing all this art shit for so many years and it's all in disparate places. So I'm working on turning what was the Pepperoni Zone's wildy good-looking yet basiclaly defunct website into THE place to put all my stuff in. So there ya go! Enjoy!